Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sacred Meal- Nathan's Review

Nora Gallagher writes "The Sacred Meal" with a fresh take on the church. She opens your heart and your eyes to the theology of communion with Jesus Christ and gives you some important things to think about.
While the cover is certianly not the most attractive aspect of this work, Gallagher draws you in by the pages inside. She gives you a reason to dine without the demands of dressing up fancily.
Communion isn't a new practice, rather an anchient one and Gallagher takes you through the history of communion with a passion and intenisty that is irresistible to put down.
This book belongs to to the "Ancient Practices Series" of books and was provided to me from Thomas Nelson. I was in no way forced or asked to submit a positive review for this book.

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