Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Review: "Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball" By: Donita K. Paul

Cora and Simon discover a wonderful gift this Christmas- their love for each other.

Donita K. Paul takes us on a whimsical journey of romace and love- with a little fantasy at Christmas time. Paul has a wonderful playful way of grabbing your attention from the beginning and holding it until the end.

As Christmas is just around the corner- I can't help but reccommend this book as a gift! It will truly be a favorite!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Flight To Heaven" By: Captain Dale Black

Captain Dale Black starts his book by completely humbling himself, explaining that he made a vow to never share his story until God revealed to him that it was time. He went on to tell that the only man he shared his story with was his grandfather, for 40 years. He was careful not to commercialize his experience and vowed to keep his experience sacred. He chose to 'live' his experience rather than boast about it. He allowed himself to be very transparent and real- which grabbed my attention from the first couple of paragraphs!

You will be taken on a journey to heaven and back. But that isn't where the story ends!!! Black tells how throughout the last 40 years he was affected by this incredibly journey. His faith-building story is completely inspirational! You will be encouraged, awed, and amazed!

Flight to heaven is a MUST-READ! I give it 5 stars!!!

I was given this book courtesy of Bethany House Publishers for purpose of review however was under no obligation to submit a positive review.

Masquerade- Nancy Moser

Nancy Moser has written a story that will truly tug on your heart strings!!

Moser does a fantastic job of showing certian areas of diversity and contrast. She does a wonderful job of opening our eyes to both the wealth and the poverty in New York City. Her imagery was so vivid that you almost felt as though you were walking the streets of New York with Dora and Charlotte in 1886. Its a story of happiness and pain- showing the ability to rise above the grim circumstances that surround us and claim true happiness.

The book was a bit more difficult to get into, but became more inticing near the end. Masquerade was a great book for those who enjoy historical romance!!

I give this book 4 stars!

I was given this book courtesy of Bethany House Publishers for purpose of review however was under no obligation to give a positive review.

No More Christian Nice Girl

Paul Coughlin's (with psychologist Jennifer Degler) "No More Christian Nice Girl" had me intrigued by the title alone! Together these authors explain how being 'nice' isn't always productive and further, how it can harm your relationships with others. They examine the secrets to fulfillment in many areas of your life.

The main punch line- being Christ-like in all that you do will trasform you from being a Christian nice girl into a powerful woman of God.

This book makes you think about things that you may not think of on your own. It explores areas that you may be hiding away from such as confrontation in relationships for fear of someone liking you less, and teaches you new ways to approach such things in a way that is Christ-like.

This book is an easy read, and a great tool for teen girl small group! I give it 4 stars!!

This book was provided to me from Bethany House Publishing for review however, I was under no obligation to submit a positive review for this company.

Monday, August 2, 2010

"Love is a Flame"- Gary Chapman

"Love is a Flame" is a wonderful compilation of very beautiful stories of rekindled love! Chapman has placed together a variety of love stories, written by real-life men and women, that truly touches the heart.

Sometimes a marriage can get so caught up in the busy-ness of life that we forget to work at it. This book is a simple reminder that love takes work, but that that work doesn't have to be hard, it can be fun and will always be rewarding!

I reccomend this book highly! I read it front to back in a matter of days! If you are dating, married, engaged or have been married for years- you will enjoy this book!

"Storm Warning"- Billy Graham

Billy Graham's "Storm Warning" was truly eye-opening and educational. If you are seeking to find answers to end times questions, this book is for you. The answers that Graham provides are based on real scripture and not just his opinion, which I appreciate. I have thoroughly emjoyed the walk through these eschatological scriptures, as well as the practical way that they apply to our world today! I can honestly say that Graham piqued my interest from day one, and held it until the very last word on the very last page.

I would definitely reccommend "Storm Warning". It was thought provoking, enlightening, instructive and a truly fascinating read!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: Review!!

In John Maxwell's Everyone Communicates Few Connect, he discusses communication in a way that brings a new light to the subject. The book is divided into two parts, and in the first part Maxwell divulges into the five principles of connecting. At the conclusion of each chapter Maxwell includes questions for thought on how to apply the principle either in one-on-one, with an audience, or in a group. In the second part, he expands further and elaborates into five practices of connecting. Each chapter also concludes with a set of thought provoking questions on how to apply these practices.

I reccommend this book for leaders mostly, who are looking for a better way to connect with the group they are leading. It also may be a great resource for someone in ministry who is looking for answers on ways to connect with their congregation. I didn't find it as helpful as an individual who is looking for a way to better connect with one-on-one relationships, but it paved the road for a future study on one-on-one communication. Overall, great book!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mandy's review on "The Language of Love and Respect: Cracking the Communication Code with your Mate!"

"The Language of Love and Respect: Cracking the Communication Code with your Mate" initially peaked my interest as a must-read after its predecessor "Love & Respect". In both books Dr. E. Eggerichs lays out the vast differences between men and women and gives practical examples of how to apply the communication tools he writes about with your spouse.

While I enjoyed reading this second book, I found it very much a continuation to that of Eggerichs first. Having said this, I would not reccomend reading number two without having read number one. Eggerich seems to take what he theorizes in "Love and Respect" and goes deeper in this sequel. I really reccomend you having the background from book one to thoroughly capture book twos potential.

I enjoyed the books well balanced approach at linking scriptures to the way we communicate with our spouse. Keeping in mind that this is a continuation book to "Love and Respect", I'd highly reccomend this as a great follow-up for readers young and old!