Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tyndale Review: "GRAY MATTER"

Gray Matter written by Dr. David Levy is a great inspirational book. Dr. Levy writes of his journey as a neurosurgeon and how before operating on each patient he takes some time to pray for them.
What a leap of faith!
He throws all risk of humilation, mockery and scoff to the wayside as he approaches each new patient with the request to hold their hand and ask God to guide his hand during each surgery.
I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Levy does not imply that by praying beforehand gives him a better success rate with surgerys. He simply asks for wisdom as he operates and prays for peace for the patient. I love that :)
I give this book 5 stars! Each chapter talks of a new amazing story! I wont go in to details because I would give the book away but it is definetly a must read!!
I was given this book for review purposes from Tyndale House Publishers but was under no obligation for a positive review.

Family Life: The Marriage Bible

The Family Life Marriage Bible by Dennis and Barbara Rainey has been wonderfully written. I recieved my review copy in hard cover, and it really is a beautiful bible! Inside, the Rainey's have written some of their thoughts as well as small devotions that really make you think!

The NKJV (New King James Version) is also a great version for every day reading. Easy to understand and equipped with knowledge as the bible always is. On a morning that you have free add an easy chair and a latte, and you have yourself a great morning!!

It is also something that can be read alone- you don't have to read this book in a couples setting in order to benefit from it. The little devotions and thoughts found throughout the pages of this bible are things you can think about and grow on in an individual setting as well.

Also the "romantic quotes and notes" sections are really well written and laid out!

Overall it's a really great read...! I give it 5 stars!

I was given this book for review purposes by Thomas Nelson (BookSneeze), but am under no obligation to give a positive review.